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Boat Luv Kit

Boat Luv Kit - $25.00, Metric - $27.00, & Salt Water - $32.00

Everything you need in one box. Keep one in your launch, and it will save at least two practices this season. You'd pay $50.00 at the hardware store for this - if you remembered to go.  Includes:

20 1/4" rigger nuts, 5 nylock nuts, 10 1/4"  wings, 20 flat washers, 5 fender washers, 10 asst. lock washers, 5 #10 wings, shoe screws, all in stainless,  plus spare laces for your heels.

Metric - This kit has rigger nuts and wings for shoes and tracks.

Salt Water - Upgraded 316 stainless or brass nuts (wings and washers) to conquer the elements. You need this stuff.

Wrenches - 10 for $17.00*  25 for $50* includes shipping!!

Made by the same folks who produce nationally advertised tools for the "Big Box" stores. Definitely not cheap, but clearly inexpensive. "Stubby" model fits best in pockets and helps prevent over tightening, the number one cause of gunwale and rigger damage. Need less than 10? $1.75 each.

Want "full size" 7/16" wrenches?  Only $2.25 each or 10 for $20.

AND NOW... New 3/4" Flare nut wrenches for adjusting backstays.  $3  Are you kidding?  A MUST for saltwater crews. 

*Call for special quantity pricing.  May not reflect this discount in online shopping cart. 

Crazy Deal

Receive 25 stubbies with shipping for only $50 (U.S. only). These make awesome wind chimes for the mechanic in your life. You know who you are!

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