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Don’t see what you need? Call us!

Phenolic Plates - $13

Phenolic plates are available for all boats, including Empacher, Filippi, and Sykes models.  Plates can be tricky - so CALL NOW!

Aluminum Plates - $25

NEW Aluminum plates are designed especially for folks who are rebuilding singles or footboards. Each plate has a single row of holes in the center, which allows wider stance in narrow hulls.   These are AWESOME!

Heel Ties - $1

How many times have these ruined your day? Three Super-long laces (slightly different than shown - you'll cut them in half) are available for a $1.00. At this price, replacing the whole boat for about $5.00 and "fuggettaboutit."

Bolt Assembly - $3.50

Our bolt assembly is specifically made for fitting shoes in older shells, recreational boats, and others, like old Kaschpers with a single-bolt mounting system. You'll need a pair, but these stainless fittings will last a lifetime.


If you need boat straps, we've got them in 8-foot (1X and 2X=$4.90) 9-foot (4's = $5.70) and 12 ft (8's = $6.15). Ask about optional bumpers that protect shells and car roofs. Cheaper than touchup paint - I know.  CALL for 1.5" straps.  I have 'em in assorted sizes!

Wing Nuts - $0.40 Cents (Metric $0.50 Cents)

Admit it. You've been buying that cheap stuff at the hardware store, and now, it's all rusty. We've got what your boat really needs. Order extra because they ought to call these "feet nuts," as they seem to walk away.

Nylon Wing Nuts - $0.20 Cents (¼ - 20, 10-32, and now...6mm!)

All the cool kids are doing it. They are saving weight (and their sanity) by using nylon wing nuts with their shoes, tracks, and riggers. You wanted to try them, but dang, those things are expensive - not at H2row!

Nylon Cap Nuts - $0.30 Cents (¼ - 20 in.)

Use our cap nuts to prevent damage. They are great for the ends of rigger bolts or on the top of your sculling pins. Quit poking holes in your boats! We use them on our shells, and so should you!

Bow Lights 

Get out of the Dark Ages! 

How did you live without this before? Here's why our light is best:

  • Lightweight, Simple, & Bright - uses Improved Reflector & Strap
  • Not a Bike Light (This Is from the Scuba Industry - Hello Water!)
  • Features Steady Red/Green LED for Bow Applications
  • Priced at $27.50 (or call me for 4 for $100!) Nobody Offers Rowing Lights at That Price - WE DO!
Bow Light

Boat Slings

The Best Got Even Better! - $105 per pair

H2row Slings use the finest long-lasting, weather-resistant fabric combined with innovative design and stainless fasteners to produce boat slings that outlast the others at a great price.  Only sculling slings currently available.

Rowing Stuff

License Plate Holder

Plate Holder - $5.00

What better way to express your superiority over your "stick-and-ball sport" friends? Use a Sharpie to customize the blade to your own crew colors like I do. Way Cool!

Trophy Toppers - $10.00

No more lame/generic awards. Now, male and (for the first time in history) female rowing figures are available with old school or hatchet oars. Just want the oars? We've got them too for $3.00 each. So you didn't win a trophy? How neat are these on your desk, as replacement king and queen for your chess set, as the coolest hood ornament at the club, or as a wedding, birthday, or graduation cake decoration? But seriously, who gets married on their birthday and graduation day?

Trophy Toppers

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